Baseball’s All Time Hits Leaders

Ted Williams was once quoted as saying: “I think without question the hardest single thing to do in sport is to hit a baseball”. He’s not alone in this belief, and it’s hard to argue with the fact even the very best hitters baseball has ever seen still fail to get a hit more than 60% of the time.  It’s simply not an easy thing to do, and to do it successfully with any kind of regularity takes a special combination of speed, smarts, vision, power, and patience that only comes along once in a great while.

Power hitters and the home run numbers they put up have gotten most of the limelight since Babe Ruth came on the scene and started blasting moonshots out of Yankee Stadium with impressive frequency, but real students of the game know that consistent and timely hits are the way ballgames are won, and the players who manage to produce them season after season are really where the action is.

That being said, here’s a list of the top 100 all time hits leaders in Major League Baseball. This list is sortable by statistic, so you can see how Ty Cobb‘s OBP stacks up against Derek Jeter‘s, as well as who among the top 100 had the highest career batting average, who also hit for power, and who had the patience to take a walk if they didn’t get the pitch they were looking for.  Even among baseball’s greatest players, these 100 are the best of the best, enjoy.

All Time Hits Leaders

1Pete Rose356214053
15661143 .303.375.409.784
2Ty Cobb3304
3Hank Aaron32981236421743771
4Stan Musial302612717194936607251774751951781599696.331.417.559.976
5Tris Speaker2789119911882351479222211715294361381395.345.428.500.928
6Cap Anson25241133119993435582142972075277984330.334.394.447.841
7Honus Wagner279410439173934206432521011733723963737.328.391.467.858
8Carl Yaztremski3308119881816341964659452184416818451393.285.379.462.841
9Paul Molitor26831083517823319605114234130750410941244.306.369.448.817
10Edward Collins28269949182133154381874713007411499468.333.424.429.853
11Derek Jeter2585105511868330452465255125434810391743.313.382.448.829
12Willie Mays29921088120623283523140660190333814641526.302.384.557.941
13Eddie Murray
14Nap Lajoie2480958915043242657163821599380516346.338.380.466.846
15Cal Ripkin, Jr.300111551164731846034443116953611291305.276.340.447.788
16George Brett2707116251583315466513731715962011096908.305.369.487.857
17Paul Warner254994591627315260519111313091041091376.333.404.473.878
18Robin Yount2856110081632314258312625114062719661350.285.342.430.772
19Tony Gwynn2440928813833141543851351138319790434.338.388.459.847
20Dave Winfield2973110031669311054088465183322312161686.283.353.475.827